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Rockchip Repair

Good Reasons to Consider a Rock Chip Repair Immediately

When a rock, or any other hard item, chips your windshield, it is important to seek repairs quickly. Rock chip repairs are very quick and easy. There are a number of auto glass specialists who offer these rock chip repair services in all areas in the country. Seeking repairs right away will prevent a wealth of problems. If you have a rock chip on your car and you are still contemplating repairs, below are some reasons of why you should choose a repair immediately. Making the right decision in good time will help you to save money and time.

First, rock chips can easily transform into cracks and undermine a driver’s visibility on the road. In most cases when a rock chip repair is not done immediately a crack will form across the windshield. This is both unsightly and unsafe for the you as the owner. It may also require the windshield to be replaced completely, which is more expensive. Another expense is a possible citation from police since it is illegal to operate a vehicle with crack(s) in your line of vision.

Secondly, when a rock chip repair is done immediately, it will prevent excessive damage to your windshield due to cold weather. Windshield chips are more likely to form a crack in a horizontal fashion when the temperatures are low. This happens because glass stiffens from cold, which causes the cracks to extend.

During warm conditions, there is a high possibility of the rock chip developing into a vertical crack. The vertical cracks can also develop because of a temperature change, as is the case when your air conditioning unit is turned on. However a rock chip repair will help you avoid these issues and allow you to operate your car as normally without the risk of a large crack developing in the windshield.

Cracks can also form on the rock chip of your car’s windshield when you drive on uneven road or over a speed bump. This happens because of the additional pressure that is exerted onto the windshield and further on the rock chip, which makes it crack. These cracks will eventually spoil the entire windshield and you will have to completely replace it.

A rock chip repair is very important if you want to sustain the life of your windshield and prevent unnecessary replacement costs. In most cases, rock chip repairs will take less than a half hour.