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Window Regulator Repair

Window Motor and Regulator Repair and Replacement

A failed window that jams and makes annoying noises during operation is an embarrassment to any car owner. At Microchip Auto Glass you can get quality window motor and regulator, repair and replacement without spending a huge sum of money. Whether the problem is your car window moving slowly or complete malfunction, there is probably something that can be done to get it back into proper running condition and this is where Microchip Auto Glass comes in.

There are many things that can make your car windows lose function. In most cases, a slight wear on the window motor and regulator can create a wealth of issues. The amazing thing is it can easily be corrected. There are high quality window motors and window regulators used to replace the existing ones and restore the windows function. These parts have to be installed correctly so that the car window can operate properly.

A window motor affects the time it takes to open your car windows. If you notice that the windows open really slowly, it could be a problem with the motor. When the motor fails completely, the windows will no longer operate. Seeking window motor replacement early enough will help save your windows and prevent spending more money on the overall repairs and replacements.

On the other hand, your windows can fail because of a problem with the window regulator. Unlike the window motor, replacing the regulator is quite easy. Window issues usually arise when there is a disconnection between the glass and the window regulator. In this case, additional parts are not required and the auto glass specialist will simply attach the two together to restore optimal window function.

In worse case scenarios, window regulators break spoiling the car window completely. In such cases, window regulator repair and replacement must be sought early enough to prevent complete damage of the car window.  The level of repairs required will depend on the kind of car you have. Vehicle models have different styles of window regulators and motors. The ease of replacement and repairs will depend on the system used to operate the car windows. Microchip Auto Glass will gladly assist you in determining the problem and laying out the cost for you.

Microchip Auto Glass has experience in all areas of motor/regulator repair/replacement and will provide quality service to solve the problem once and for all. Our technicians are exceptionally qualified in all areas and will help you pinpoint the problem.